My name is Cyrill Tröndle and I'm done with the phrase let's get back to how it was before...

In recent times the global sociaty has experienced the biggest inequality gap and a slow down in innovation through the hands of protectionism. I created Project Verto to change that. Project Verto is just an idea for now, but with the right people by my side we can make it a reality. Imagine a world where progress and quality of life for everyone and everything is the only goal we are shooting for.

To be precise we will build a better society within our current society and our only exports will be great ideas. The foundation of this new society is transparency. We'll start by identifying what the actual challenges on our planet and are not bound by geopolitical interest but raw and un-compromised data. We will pride ourselves to be transparent, measurable, trackable, open source, non-profit and a pledge to humanity to share innovation with everyone, especially the less fortunate and less developed countries.


Step 1: Identify measurable metrics to value global challenges

Step 2: Build and track the Gross Sustainability and Innovation Index short GSAI

Step 3: Incentivise innovation on the biggest global problems all crowd sourced

Step 4: Export our innovations to the world

We are not bound by interest groups or country boundaries, we are only bound by our imagination. No idea too crazy, no approach too controversial.