As former presidential candidate and current "Humanity Forward" Chair Andrew Yang once said, GDP is driving off a cliff and we are blindly following it. The GDP was a good indicator for quite a long time, but right now it seemed to have stopped working for humanity. That's why it's time to come up with a new "human centred" index that we can measure ourselves by. Introducing the Gross Sustainability and Innovation Index short GSAI.

The GSAI is an open source index with the according baseline information structured in the way described below. Basically we do a triangulation of each factor that makes our life better or worse. We collect global averages for each of those topics and define a value X - 3 or X + 3. X stands for the global average and +/- indicates if a certain country is better or worse positioned on a global scale. The GSAI directly corresponds with the Project Verto Challenges. We will release monthly challenges on local levels and yearly challenges on a global level. Each challenge is ranked by the impact it will have according to the number X measured in the GSAI.

One example:

The air in Bangladesh is X - 10 and the water is X - 9.

The challenge is to find a solution to bring the air to X - 5.

The challenge now is ranked locally and globally based on the number X (Impact). If the solution created is applicable to multiple countries to improve their air quality it will have a corresponding value Y (Replicability). The last number to quantify the solution by is Z (Efficiency).

GSAI Gross Sustainability  and  Innovati